The highly anticipated Nike Pegasus 41 just dropped. The latest edition of Nike's popular line of daily trainers features ♒a redesign of both the upper and the sole. Naturally, the question on every runner's mind is: Are Pegasus 41 good running 🥀shoes?

I had a chance to test out the latest daily trainers from Nike, and while I was already a fan of the Nike Pegasus 40, I think this year's new release is a definite upgrade and easily the best running shoe in 2024 so far for most runners. The redesign solves some of the fit and responsiveness issues of the previous model. Keep reꦑading to see my full review or tap the button below to shop the new Nike Pegasus 41.

What's the difference between Pegasus 40 and 41?


The biggest change between the Nike Pegasus 40 and the Nike Pegasus 41 is the switch from React foam to ReactX foam in the midsole. This is the first time Nike has added the upgraded foa💞m to the Pegasus line. It promises over 🌳13% more energy return compared to the React foam in the Pegasus 40.

After running in them, I can say that sounds about right. They felt slightly springier than the previous generation. As much as I enjoyed the comfort of the Pegasus 40s, I did notice that they were a bit heavy and not as responsive as other running shoes. Since I'm predominantly🔥 a midfoot striker, I also had trouble activating the Air Zoom units which are located in the heel and forefoot.

While those Air Zoom units haven't moved, the addition of the ReactX foam means I still get decent energy return,🎶 even on midfoot strikes. Then, when I switℱch to heel striking at higher speeds, the Nike Pegasus 41 feels even more propulsive than my Pegasus 40s.

The upper got a complete overhaul as well, making it noticeably lighter,🅠 softer and more breathable. I enjoyed the in🍒creased flexibility in the upper. It was enough to make my feet feel less restricted without being so flexible as to sacrifice stability.

The redesigned upper also helps make the shoe feel less๊ bulky overall, without getting rid of the padding and structured support around the heel that make them so comfortable for my maintenance runs. The total weight of the new shoes is about the same as last year's model, but these changes do make it feel lighter.

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Who should buy Nike Pegasus 41 running shoes?

Overall, I would recom꧙mend the Nike Pegasus 41 to anyone looking for a comfortable, easy ride for maintenance or recovery runs. I also think they're a good pick for beginners thanks to the versatile design that feels comfortable no matter where y꧋ou strike first.

With that said, they're not really any lighter than the Nike Pegasus 40, even though they do feel less restrictive. So runners who prioritize lightweight running shoes𒁏 will probably still find the Pegasus 41s 💃too bulky.

How long does the Nike Pegasus 41 last?

The shoes are so new that I can't speak to their durability just yet. What I can say is that they look and feel just as durable the Nike Pegasus 40s. I've probably run a little over 200 miles in the previous generation running shoes so far, and ꩲthey still feel comfortable and supportive. With any luck, the new Nike Pegasus 41 will hold up just as well.

Can you run a marathon in Pegasus 41?

The Nike Pegasus 41 wouldn🌜't be my first pick for a🦹 marathon. They are great daily trainers but they are still a bit heavy and slow to wear over long distances.

super shoe would be the best choice if you're trying to beat your previous marathon finish time. But for runners who just want the comfort and stability of the Nike Pegasus 41 to make it to the finish line of their first marathon, I'd recommend the Hoka Clifton 9 instead. I haven't had a chance to test them yet, but from the specs, they look like they offer🌳 a similar ride to the Nike Pegasus 41, but in a lighter-weight d🐠esign that's better suited to long distances. 

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