Courtland Suttonย says he'll be attending mandatory minicamp next week, confirming what Denver Broncosโ›ฆ head coach Sean Payton speculated earlier this week. The wide receiver has not attended offseason workouts due to contract reasons, but Sutton told reporters he'll be in attendance for the mandatory sessions.ย 

๊ง…"I will be there. I will be there," ย DNVR Thursday.

๐ŸธThe 28-year-old explained how missing practices this offseason has been a struggle for him.

๐ŸŽถ"It's been killing me, not being able to be at OTAs. This has been a very different offseason than I've been a part of since I've been in the league," Sutton said. "Anybody that knows me and anybody that's played with me understands that I love this game. โ€ฆ I give any and everything that I possibly can when it comes to the preparation, when it comes to the competition of football."

โ˜‚He adds that he will give anything up to get the team back to the playoffs and to play for a . Sutton says the Broncos have an expectation for not only themselves, but for the city of Denver. Sutton said the players want to put in that preparation so they can win enough games to extend their season beyond just 17 games.

เดœ"No one deserves this more than this city โ€ฆ even when we're down bad they continue to show love for us," Sutton said. "It's only right for us to come in and give them what they deserve."

๐ŸŒŠEarlier this week, Payton noted Sutton's commitment as one reason he thought the receiver will be present in the team's next phase of activities.ย 

๐Ÿป"Yes, I think he'll be here for minicamp," Payton said on Tuesday, via . "I mean, it's mandatory. When I've been asked about Courtland -- and I'm going to say this -- I just know his work ethic. I know the player. There's a list of things that race through your mind this time in the offseason as a head coach."

๊ง‹When asked if Sutton's absence thus far is due to his contract, Payton joked, saying, "Well it's not that he doesn't like our new uniforms." ย 

๐Ÿ”ฏSutton currently has two years and around $27.6 million remaining on his deal, with $2 million in guaranteed money and $14 million due this year. Whether the deal gets altered or not, Payton believes it will all be fine in the end.ย 

๊ฆ‘"And respectfully when I say this to him, because he and I have talked, I think that will work itself out. I think he'll be here, yes, but I don't know that for sure," Payton said.ย 

๐ŸŒIf Sutton did skip all three days of mandatory minicamp, he would've be fined around $100,000.ย 

The Broncos traded Jerry Jeudy to the Cleveland Brownsโ›„ this offseason, making Sutton's value to Denver raise even higher. Sutton lead the team in receiving yards last season with 772, slightly above Jeudy's 758 yards. He also led the team in touchdowns (10), targets (90) and receptions (59).